Today I took the day off work, and my wife and I made a little trip down to Winchester. When my wife suggested this place I kept singing Winchester Cathedral, couldn’t get it out of my head. So, here’s the photos from there. Yes, we did get to the Cathedral, didn’t go inside as the cost was £7.50 per person, and we thought it was a bit steep. There was plenty to see, and a day trip was enough for us to see all we wanted to in the city. There are places around Winchester that I’d like to go to, but that will be another day. The knight in shining armour is King Alfred the Great, even though the Round Table from King Arthur is also kept here (that has a picture or two as well).



The following pictures are from the City Mill. This is a working mill, well, there are moving parts, it isn’t used as a mill any more, but you can go down to the workings and see the water pushing the wheel around, and on the main level you can see the mail post rotating. A nice little garden that is very well kept runs next to the stream.





Next up, is King Alfred the Great.





Winchester Cathedral, it is a Grade I listed building.








Winchester City Centre buildings.


Westgate, and King Arthurs’ Round Table.




Winchester Round Table








Westgate : The Westgate is one of two surviving fortified gateways in Winchester, England (the other is Kingsgate).