Stourhead, Wiltshire

On the way home from Somerset, we stopped off at Stourhead. I have always wanted to visit this National Trust place, but never stopped because once I start to head home, I don’t want to stop. This time though we stopped and so glad we did. There is a lot more here than I first thought. We didn’t get into the house, as we ran out of time, but the gardens… Wow!

Avebury Stone Circle

On the way to Somerset we stopped off at Avebury, and saw their stone circle. This is older than Stone Henge! If I remember correctly, it was built around 4600 years ago. No one knows why it was constructed, but there are many theories. It is also fairly close to Stone Henge. Here are my pics.

Castle Combe – Part 1

Today we went to a little (and I mean little) village called Castle Combe. Here is appears that time has stood still for the last 500 years. In 1962 this village was voted ‘the prettiest villiage in England’. I can see why. It is embedded within the Cotswolds, and lies close to Bath. It is a lovely idyllic village with a river running through it (Bybrook).It wasn’t a nice sunny day, instead overcast, and it tried to rain on us a couple of times, so most of the skys will look a bit grey.