Cornwall Holiday – Day 19 – St Agnes Beach, Stippy Stappy Houses, and Schooners in Falmouth

Definitely starting to wind down, we aren’t going to so many places each day. Soon be heading back to London. Anyway, today was St Agnes beach, and the Stippy Stappy houses in St Agnes. Then we noticed some Schooners have arrived in Falmouth.

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Muchelney Abbey, The Church of St Peter and St Paul, and the Priests House

While in Somerset, we had a little trip to Langport to see Muchelney Abbey. Interesting ruins of an abbey destroyed by the king. Then next door to that was a tiny little church to look around. Finally there was the Priest’s house that was across the road.

Flamstead Scarecrow Festival

Another trip out to Flamstead in Hertfordshire. It is only about 30 miles or so north of London. This weekend they had a scarecrow festival. Here’s some of what they had there.































West Wycombe St Lawrence’s Church

Last part of the West Wycombe visit is the St Lawrence’s Church. We drove up a very narrow road to get to it, then when we got to the church we decided to walk up the bellfry. Man that was high! Plus it was very narrow, at one point I got stuck, but I did make it to the top, and got some pictures from the top. Great views from the top of the church.







West Wycombe Hellfire Caves

Part of West Wycombe is underground in caves. It was nice and cold down in them. A nice releif from the heat. As expected lighting wasn’t very good there, but I did what I could with the conditions available. Some I had to switch to black and white as the colours were not very good. Now reading the various posters around the caves, there’s a reason they are called Hellfire, they are directly under the the church, but the shenanigans that went on in there, can only be suggested.