Syon Park Enchanted Woodland

A little trip to Syon Park yesterday to see the Enchanted Woodland. Did this last year, and probably won’t do it again, but I think the pictures have come out better this time. We were there early so wasn’t rushed to get around. Well worth a visit if you don’t mind walking a mile and a half. You can only walk one way round, so have to cover it all.

Syon Park – Lighted Enchanted Woodland

Today at Syon Park their Lighted Enchanted Woodland was lit up today. It was lovely. Definately worth a look. But if like me you want to take photos, there is a mile and a half of path to walk along, and stopping to take long exposures, you soon run out of time. We only had an hour and a half, but we ended up being pushed along as we were taking too long. This is only on for 3 weekends, so if you plan on seeing this, you’d better get in quick.