Walk about in Guildford, Surrey.

Went to Guildford today so that one of my sons could take a look at the Academy of Contemporary Music as he is considering going there for a degree or a diploma. While he was there, I decided to walk around the city (it has a cathedral, so it is a city), and take some pictures. I started by walking along the canal, then into the old city high street, and then off to the castle ruins. Love the pictures around the castle, the light was less harsh by then.

Red Deer in Bushy Park

I have been planning a trip to Richmond Park to see the deer, but decided to head to Bushy Park instead. I am glad we did, as the colours were lovely, and we saw a great herd of deer, and you could tell which was the head buck. It was difficult choosing the pictures for the web site but here’s what we have chosen. Hope you like them…