Deer in Bushy Park

No rutting unfortunately. There looked as though there were going to be some, but it all ended without a rutt. Shame. Anyway, here are a few shots of the deer. We trekked quite a way around the park before we saw individual male deer, but when we were heading out of the park when it was getting dark we saw a lot more, with females and young.

River Thames Boat trip Hampton Court to Westminster

Before anyone complains about the number of pictures on this post, I do apologise but this was a 3 hour boat trip, from out in Hampton Court all the way to Westminster (Central London). It was a lovely hot sunny day, and I ended up taking over 700 pictures, I was also trying out a friend’s lens (Canon 28-300L) while he used my Sigma 50-500. It was a long but enjoyable day, starting at 3pm and ending when we got home at about 10:30pm. One thing I did forget was to put my GPS unit on the camera, so unfortunately you won’t see exactly where the photos were taken, however some are fairly obvious once we got into the city.