London LOOP – Gordon Hill to Cockfosters

Our final leg of the London LOOP walk. The path totals 154 miles. It has taken us 3 years to complete it, there are 18 sections, and we’ve been doing 1/2 a section each month. Now we can finally say that we’ve completed all of them. We have been doing the LOOP anticlockwise. Normally it is done clockwise, but the group we were with (London Apreciation Society) have did it 10 years ago the right way around, so this time they wanted to do it the other way for variety.

Below are some pictures of our final section, Gordon Hill to Cockfosters. There are some Infrared pictures, just because I like the difference it makes.

London LOOP – Turkey Street to Gordon Hill

The penultimate London Loop walk. This was one of the catch ups. We will do the final one in two weeks time. This one was from Turkey Street to Gordon Hill. Lovely country style walk. Not too many hills, and only about 100 yards on the road. Only took pics with the GoPro this time, as I was travelling light, but also, too lazy to get the better camera out of the bag. Mainly because the weather was just ok. Not nice and sunny, but not raining either.

London LOOP – Havering Att Bower to Chigwell

Another LOOP walk, without the LAS group as they have been walking mid week as there have been so much disruption on the rail these days with weekend works. We drove round there, and did the walk on our own. Fantastic day, sunny, blue skies and pretty dry paths, with little mud around. Even met Daisy the cow. :o) If you think some of the colours have gone a bit wierd one a few of these pictures, that’s because I took two cameras, one was converted to Infrared, so those colours are in a different colour spectrum.

London LOOP – Moor Park to Harefield

London Outer Orbital Path walk again. This time from Moor Park to Harefield. Lovely day not as hot as last weekend, and not as far a walk, about 7 miles. We did come across an old WWII USA Truck. So had to take a couple of shots, then use HDR to get some variants. Otherwise, some lovely views, and corn fields to walk through. We ended the walk at the Coy Carp pub.

London LOOP – Scratch Woods to Stanmore

Another London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP) walk. This time from Scratch Woods to Stanmore. This is actually a section and a half of our usual sections sizes. It was about 10 miles, and nearly killed me. Some very nice views though, and surprise, surprise, we came across 100 aker woods… Home of Pooh Bear and friends.


Next up, is Pooh Bears house, and where his friends live. We did see Pooh in his house, but I couldn’t take a picture, because he was sleeping, and I wanted to respect his privacy. However, when we saw Eeyore he too was sleeping, but out in the open so wasn’t so private. Didn’t see Piglet, nor Owl.

London LOOP (Rainham to Upminster Bridge)

Another London Outer Orbital Path walk, this time Rainham to Upminster Bridge. Very pleasant walk, a couple of little hills, but mainly on the flat through man made conservation areas. Some interesting World War 2 bunkers could be seen, but I didn’t take any photos of these, just concrete bunkers.

London LOOP (Purfleet to Rainham) & View from The Shard

Another London Outer Orbital Path walk, this time Purfleet to Rainham. Not many pictures, as there wasn’t a lot of photogenic areas. But there were a few. Take note of the rusting old barges. These were some of the barges that made up the floating dock called Mulberry Harbour during the Second World War.

Other pictures are from the top of The Shard, as we went up there for a little while.