Warriors over the Wasatch

I didn’t actually go onto the Hill Airforce Base, but Jessica and I decided to go to the top of Fort Lane, and take pictures there. As we drove up Fort Lane, we saw that the road was closed. So we parked up and walked up the hill. We got close to the top and saw three people standing watching the planes, and they were still ¼ of a mile away from the end of the road. I asked them why they were back here, when they told us there was 7 Highway Patrol Troopers at the end of the road, and they didn’t dare get higher on the hill as they would be seen. I walked right up to the Troopers and asked if it was ok to photograph, and they didn’t care. So we started taking pictures, within about 15 minutes, there was about 50 other people behind us, but no one was as close to the Police as we were… It is funny how some people don’t even want to be in eye shot of the Police here.

We weren’t as close as if we went onto the base, but we had a different perspective, and several times the planes went right over our heads… You might be able to tell that from the photographs we got.























Thunderbirds Practising

This Holiday weekend there is a Airforce display and the Thunderbirds are in town. I went out in the back yard and took some pictures of them doing “their thing”. It was cool to be able to see this from my own back yard, and not be on the base. Over the weekend I’ll probably go on base and get closer pictures. It is a pity the weather isn’t going to be very good tomorrow. Hopefully Sunday will be good.














Mountain view from home

This is what I can see from my house, but of course, I am using a 70-200mm with a 2x Teleconverter, plus the camera is a 1.6x crop, so I can actually photograph more than the eye can see…

Layton Park

My daughter and I took a walk in Layton Park, right after it snowed. We thought we’d see what photos we could take. There are some Infrared ones in there too, and watch out for the flying duck.

Some pictures may look the same, this is because I took a normal picture, then Infrared, and then played with the Infrared. So it is intentional that some look like duplicates.