Ruislip Lido – Autumn Colours & Infrared

Thought as it looks as though the weather is going to be bad tomorrow (the weather people are threatening 70 mile an hour winds hitting the UK tomorrow), we decided to try to capture some of the Autumn (Fall) colours that are starting to show. It is still pretty early for the UK, unlike the USA. But here’s what we saw at Ruislip Lido today.

I took a few Infrared photos too, just for fun. Infrared make it look more like winter.









Layton Park

My daughter and I took a walk in Layton Park, right after it snowed. We thought we’d see what photos we could take. There are some Infrared ones in there too, and watch out for the flying duck.

Some pictures may look the same, this is because I took a normal picture, then Infrared, and then played with the Infrared. So it is intentional that some look like duplicates.