Flamstead Scarecrow Festival

Another trip out to Flamstead in Hertfordshire. It is only about 30 miles or so north of London. This weekend they had a scarecrow festival. Here’s some of what they had there.































Cottered Japanese Garden and Surround

There is one day a year when the Cottered Japanese Garden is open for the public. Today was that day. We found out about it thanks to the Gardeners’ World BBC TV Show. They mentioned it in the week, so we decided to go take a look. Wow! What an excellent Japanese Garden. Everything I’d expect to see was there. This is close to Luton, and well worth the trip to see.












Butterfly World Project

The photos below, and sorry, there are a lot of them, are of the Butterfly World Project. I was amazed how close the butterflies got to you. Sometimes they landed on you, I nearly crushed one that landed on my hand as I was grabbing my camera (note I didn’t actually crush it, but it was on my hand and I hadn’t realised, but it flew off before I touched the camera). This was a great opportunity to use the macro lens. See below. There was also the grounds around the project, there were themed gardens, and lots of other interesting things to see.