Kings Cross

One of my company’s offices are in Kings Cross, in fact it can be seen on the right of the first picture, on the left of the second. Mainly the Art College has a painting of connecting the buildings, so I just took a quick pano to capture it. Also is the Underground’s 150 memorial – The Metropolitan Line is 150 years old this year (2013).



St Albans

I had to go into the office to pick up some business cards, and have my ID Card photo done, so while I was there, I decided to take a little tour of the town, I guess city (as it has a cathedral). The weather was definitely changeable, one minute it was sun, then next rain. But I was able to get a couple of shots with blue skies. Basically, I didn’t take many photos of the city, as it was a flying visit, a better session will be done some other time. So, really it was grab a pasty to eat, and head to the cathedral, then to the office. Most of the pictures are around the cathedral. As I didn’t have a spare battery, the GPS was turned off, so sorry, guys, you’ll just have to look at google maps to see where it was. Next time I’ll take my proper camera rather than the P & S – which didn’t do badly with the pictures.






















Fleet River Walk

Yes, another walking tour… January we have booked a few. But today was snowing…. London in the snow! That’s probably what I should have called the post. Anyway, this walk was to see the various sources of the Fleet River. We started in Hampstead and ended up at Hampstead Heath, and further around the area. Not surprisingly there were quite a few houses that show “how the other half live” as the phrase goes. Now, I have to mention that those streams that look as though they have dirty water in them, it is in fact iron deposits in the water, not mud.

On one place in the parks there were load of kids, dogs and parents on sleds enjoying the snow.

We of course were walking in it. But I had wrapped up pretty well, so was toasty warm most of the time. See what you think of the pictures…





























Olympic Venues, Wembley Stadium – London 2012

Well we weren’t going to go out today, on the day of the Opening Ceremonies but we decided to go to Wembley Stadium and see what it looked like. I haven’t been here since the early 1990’s, and it has changed a lot since then. It is a lot easlier to get around.

Wembley is also where a lot of football (soccer) games are played. I used to come here for concerts. Band Aid was held here, and all the bands want to play Wembley. A sense of achievement when they do. So, here is the stadium, and I also saw a group of Olympic Volunteers wanting to get a photo of themselves.