Trans-Siberian Orchestra

This is the fourth time we have seen this band… Yes a band with the name Orchestra in it. They are heavy metal rock, but with a difference. We normally go to see their Christmas Show, and it has always been spectacular. We liked on the West of the USA, so we got the West Group. Now we are in the UK, we believe this part if the East Group. TSO is made up of 2 bands, so that they can cover the East and West of the United States simultaneously. They put on a fantastic show. We were expecting to see the Christmas show again, being in January, but this seemed more their NightCastle, and Beethoven’s Last Night basis. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more of their Christmas songs, but it was still a good show. Some friends came and saw it too. Here are a selection of the shots I took, from the 2nd row. Hope you like them.











walking the Crane River – Part 2

This is London! No, seriously, this is London. This is a continuation of the Crane River walk, where were did part one a month or so ago, we actually missed part two as we arrived too late. So this weekend, as it was nice weather we decided we would try to follow paper maps, sign posts, Ordinance Survey maps on my iPad overlaid with our GPS position, and see if we can get to the Cranford Park which was the end of the part two section starting at Hillingdon. We made a couple of errors on the route, but mainly we managed to keep the Crane River (actually at the moment Yeading Brook still), fairly close by. Here are some of the pictures taken. For my American friends, there’s one picture you might wonder what it is, it looks like a wood trellis well actually it is known as a stile that allows the public to enter a piece of land over a fence, without the worry of animals getting out of a field.
We ended up walking 10 miles that day, I ached after it. Exercise isn’t good for you, I don’t care what the doctors say. LOL.















Around the City of London

After the Clarkenwell Walk, my wife and I headed into the City of London, there were a few little alleyways we wanted to go explore, and also wanted to get to Leadenhall Market area (when the market wasn’t there). I also wanted to get a picture of the “Cheese Grater and the Shard together”, just managed to get them both in the picture, but only if I used the Jensen Tilt (sorry, only a few people will get that one!).

We started off having lunch in a charming colourful Italian Restaurant. I asked the waiter if I could take a photo of the inside of the restaurant, and he said “Of Course….. £30!”, he did have a smile on his face, so I took the picture, and the person we had lunch with as we were leaving held the door open for someone else, and the Waiter was all, “You’re so nice” so I told him “That’s your £30!” He laughed and told me that I was cheap! The Italians are fun people.


The Dragon marks the start of the City of London.



Here’s the “Cheese Grater and The Shard”. Not from this angle, but from others it really does look like a cheese grater.

Leadenhall Market now… One of these is a four picture panoramic, as I couldn’t get the roof in the picture any other way.











We next went over to Bank. This station marks the Bank of England. Not in the picture below though, but it is in one of the others. This has the Mansion House (building with the pillars) in it, which is where the Lord Mayor of London lives.

Next up is the Bank of England. No windows on the ground level notice.

This one has the Bank of England, National Westminster Tower (Black and White tower in the background – was bombed by the IRA back in the 1980’s – I had a girlfriend back then who was working in the city in a bank when the bomb went off, she instinctively dived under the desk, just before all the windows blow in – she was lucky). There is also the Royal Exchange on the right, and the big glass building is the London Stock Exchange. All that in one picture…

In amongst all the office blocks, there was this house… Only thing is, when I looked it was a “Gentlemen’s club”.


Old and New buses. The Routemaster only runs on route 15 now, we had a chance to ride one today. They are the old style with the open back you can jump on.


Lastly St Paul’s Cathedral, from different angles. The panorama at the end, you can see the London Eye in the distance, was taken from on top of the One New Change building.



Secrets of Clerkenwell Walk

Off we go again… Another walk around London. This time Clerkenwell. My father, and grandmother were born in Clerkenwell. You’d thinkin that case I’d know all about the place. Er… No! My father never talked about when he lived in London, well, it is just outside the City of London, which means that it is just out of the London Mile.


We wandered around the Priories of Clerkenwell, and saw Smithfields Market, and Cow Lane. Eventually walking round to the Clark Well, which is the last picture in the series. Hope you like them. I’d write more about each photo but don’t want to bore you all with lots of facts, and deaths, hangings, and all the vile things that went on in the very old days.

















This time I just took a point & shoot camera, the Canon S100. I like this camera as it still shoots in RAW, and you can work in Manual mode if you want to. Most of the time I was in Program Mode, but occasionally (especially for the panoramas) I was in manual. It is certainly a lot lighter than the Canon 5D Mark III, but not quite as good in the quality of the photos.