London Orbital Look – Stanmore to Hatch End

Off we go again to do some of the London Loop. To begin with it was a little muddy, but after we stopped in a nice pub for lunch, we set off again, but this time the heavens opened. Boy, Oh boy! Did it rain. There was thunder as well. We were all drenched. but at the end of the walk it started to dry out again. Typical English weather.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a battery in my GPS so I can’t tell you where thing were.

River Thames Boat trip Hampton Court to Westminster

Before anyone complains about the number of pictures on this post, I do apologise but this was a 3 hour boat trip, from out in Hampton Court all the way to Westminster (Central London). It was a lovely hot sunny day, and I ended up taking over 700 pictures, I was also trying out a friend’s lens (Canon 28-300L) while he used my Sigma 50-500. It was a long but enjoyable day, starting at 3pm and ending when we got home at about 10:30pm. One thing I did forget was to put my GPS unit on the camera, so unfortunately you won’t see exactly where the photos were taken, however some are fairly obvious once we got into the city.

London Orbital Loop – Next part of section 16

The London Appreciation Society was off on another bit of the London Loop today. Generally it was a fairly nice day, but we did get sleet dropped on us at one point, and there was a fair amount of mud. But this section High Barnet to Elstree was through fields, woods, and nice areas. This section didn’t have much in the way of roads to walk down, so most of the pictures are of ‘green areas’. This part covered about 7 miles.

London Orbital Loop – Part of section 16

Lovely day in London today. Sun is up and we are off to walk part of the London Loop. The loop is split up into 16 sections. We are going around it in backwards order, and are breaking it down into more parts. We joined the London Appreciation Society today for this walk. We started at Cockfosters station (right at the end of the PIcadilly Line), and ended in High Barnet. It was only 3.5 miles, but very pleasant. The picture with a pond and trees is where the Battle of Barnet on Easter Sunday 1471 took place. Some of the houses around here are huge, and have been owned by football players, Royalty, and the like.























Ruislip Lido – Autumn Colours & Infrared

Thought as it looks as though the weather is going to be bad tomorrow (the weather people are threatening 70 mile an hour winds hitting the UK tomorrow), we decided to try to capture some of the Autumn (Fall) colours that are starting to show. It is still pretty early for the UK, unlike the USA. But here’s what we saw at Ruislip Lido today.

I took a few Infrared photos too, just for fun. Infrared make it look more like winter.









Met up with a photography friend in London

So, a photography friend from the US was in London for the American Football, yeah, well, the NFL in London. Hmmmm…. Anyway, we met up and we saw some of the usual tourist sights. Here’s a few of the pictures I took. A couple I switched to HDR, just because I liked the colours and the effect the HDR gave them.











West Wycombe St Lawrence’s Church

Last part of the West Wycombe visit is the St Lawrence’s Church. We drove up a very narrow road to get to it, then when we got to the church we decided to walk up the bellfry. Man that was high! Plus it was very narrow, at one point I got stuck, but I did make it to the top, and got some pictures from the top. Great views from the top of the church.







West Wycombe Hellfire Caves

Part of West Wycombe is underground in caves. It was nice and cold down in them. A nice releif from the heat. As expected lighting wasn’t very good there, but I did what I could with the conditions available. Some I had to switch to black and white as the colours were not very good. Now reading the various posters around the caves, there’s a reason they are called Hellfire, they are directly under the the church, but the shenanigans that went on in there, can only be suggested.