London LOOP – Scratch Woods to Stanmore

Another London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP) walk. This time from Scratch Woods to Stanmore. This is actually a section and a half of our usual sections sizes. It was about 10 miles, and nearly killed me. Some very nice views though, and surprise, surprise, we came across 100 aker woods… Home of Pooh Bear and friends.


Next up, is Pooh Bears house, and where his friends live. We did see Pooh in his house, but I couldn’t take a picture, because he was sleeping, and I wanted to respect his privacy. However, when we saw Eeyore he too was sleeping, but out in the open so wasn’t so private. Didn’t see Piglet, nor Owl.

London LOOP (Purfleet to Rainham) & View from The Shard

Another London Outer Orbital Path walk, this time Purfleet to Rainham. Not many pictures, as there wasn’t a lot of photogenic areas. But there were a few. Take note of the rusting old barges. These were some of the barges that made up the floating dock called Mulberry Harbour during the Second World War.

Other pictures are from the top of The Shard, as we went up there for a little while.

The Shard

A little trip up the Shard. We managed to get the Love London 16 tickets, so we are able to go up the Shard pretty much when we like, for just £16 for the year. We decided after the London Loop walk we’d go up seeing as we were at London Bridge station. Where you see the same image, there has been a couple of editing techniques used for variety.