Body Paint Photo Shoot

I have been helping out a charity that has put on some events, by taking some modelling images for them. This particular event was a collaborative one between artists, models and photographers. I was one of the photographers. It was quite a new experience, and fun. I get to meet all sorts of people, including professional models, and actors/actresses.

Virginia Waters – Chalfont Snappers

Went with the Chalfont Snappers to Virginia Waters again. I meant to get to the Roman Ruins there, but I didn’t get chance. Next time. This time is was the waterfall again. I didn’t take my usual lens, I decided to take the 70-200mm zoom and the 8-15mm fisheye zoom. I kind of like the results.









Star Night, Star Bright!

Last night we were out in the wilds of Somerset, and tried taking some photos of the Stars. It wasn’t easy as there was a lot of cloud cover and light polution, even nearly 200 miles out of London, there was still light polution from the local villages. But it was before midnight. Another time I will see if I can set it all up on a clear night, and perhaps get some Star Trails too. But I was reasonably happy with my first attempt at Star photos.





Catholic Cathedral – Lady of the Madeline

We were in Salt Lake again, and so we decided to visit the Cathedral called Lady of the Madeline. Beautiful interior and exterior. There was no one to ask what I could and couldn’t take pictures of, so I apologize now if I have taken any pictures of something I shouldn’t have. There is a local Choir School behind the Cathedral, and the school kids were trouping in while we were there to have their photo shoot. Well I got them as well.
















Salt Lake City – Downtown

These are a series of pictures I took in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Firstly City Creek Mall:
Here it is well known that they don’t like photogs taking pictures of the mall. So it seems that whenever I hear that a photog has gone there, they have had issues with security. I had one eyeing me too. Until I asked him how often the fountains cycle, and he heard an English accent and guessed I was just a tourist with a fancy camera‚Ķ






 LDS Church Headquarters block within Salt Lake City..


Joseph Smith Memorial Building


Salt Lake City Library



State Law building, from the top of the Library.


HDR view from the top of the library towards the mountains (Eastwards).