Foxton Locks, Leicestershire

Went up to the Leicestershire for a friend’s 25th Wedding Anniversary party. We decided to spend the night in a B&B (lovely place by the way), and in the morning we went to Foxton Locks to do the walk around the Lock Staircase, and take some photos. Here’s what we got.

Syon Park Enchanted Woodland

A little trip to Syon Park yesterday to see the Enchanted Woodland. Did this last year, and probably won’t do it again, but I think the pictures have come out better this time. We were there early so wasn’t rushed to get around. Well worth a visit if you don’t mind walking a mile and a half. You can only walk one way round, so have to cover it all.

London Fire Spinners

Went out to Gabriel Wharf on the South Bank of the Thames in London (almost opposite St Paul’s Cathedral), to see the London Fire Spinners perform. It was definitely fun, but challenging to photograph. Here’s some of what I got, I know some are still a little blurred, either with motion blur, or with camera out of focus/shake, but I like the effects.

Isle of Wight

Just a long weekend trip to the South of England. This was a day trip to the Isle of Wight. Lovely island, but I was surprised at how big it really is, 148 sq miles. By bus it took us three hours to get from one side of the island to the other. Weather was great, even though it wasn’t supposed to be. We went over by hovercraft, and then used the bus to get around the island. We made a beeline to the Needles, but then only had time to get on the coastal bus around the island. Photos through the window of the bus didn’t fair so well, so most of those have been binned. But this is definitely worth another visit, and hopefully taking longer to see more of it.

Hollycombe Steam Museum

My photography group decided on a little excursion to the Hollycombe Steam Museum today. It was a glorious sunny day, and ideal for some HDR. After giving the group some instruction on what HDR is, and how it can be used, we went off in separate directions to capture some images. Well, here’s my set. Hollycombe is sort of a fun fair that is run completely on steam engines.

Light Painting 2014

This evening, even though there was a terrific thunder storm late in the afternoon, we planned to go light painting in Windsor. We decided to go anyway, and I am pleased we did. Below is what we managed to do, and I am pleased to say, the only editing done on these is crop. There has been no other editing in Photoshop. So long exposures, and some creative thinking, and planning to pull off some of these.














Christmas Lights Walk

This was an interesting one. We were given a list of streets where there were some Christmas Lights, that were part of a walk my Parents-in-law did. To the best of our ability we transposed that list onto a map of London, and connected the dots so to speak. Then used ViewRanger app on my phone to create a route, that would track us using the GPS on the phone. As this app uses Ordinance Survey maps, we were able to better navigate around, as some of the streets were more like alleyways rather than streets that cars can drive down. O/S maps are better for this sort of thing than Google Maps, or TomTom at present. Anyway, off we went. Some streets were just interconnecting ones, so didn’t have Christmas Lights. Others were just ‘blah’, but some were really quite good. Not always easy to capture on camera, but we did what we could. I must appoligise for the amount of pictures being posted, but I couldn’t really miss some, as it would take away from the walk.