Foxton Locks, Leicestershire

Went up to the Leicestershire for a friend’s 25th Wedding Anniversary party. We decided to spend the night in a B&B (lovely place by the way), and in the morning we went to Foxton Locks to do the walk around the Lock Staircase, and take some photos. Here’s what we got.

Syon Park Enchanted Woodland

A little trip to Syon Park yesterday to see the Enchanted Woodland. Did this last year, and probably won’t do it again, but I think the pictures have come out better this time. We were there early so wasn’t rushed to get around. Well worth a visit if you don’t mind walking a mile and a half. You can only walk one way round, so have to cover it all.

London Fire Spinners

Went out to Gabriel Wharf on the South Bank of the Thames in London (almost opposite St Paul’s Cathedral), to see the London Fire Spinners perform. It was definitely fun, but challenging to photograph. Here’s some of what I got, I know some are still a little blurred, either with motion blur, or with camera out of focus/shake, but I like the effects.