UthinkPDP Event – part 1

UthinkPDP is a charity, and for more information on that please visit their website (http://www.uthinkpdp.org.uk). They had a networking event planned last night, and I just had to go along and take some photos. Part 1 will be behind the scenes, and part 2 will be images of the Fire Dancer, and some other shots. So here are some behind the scenes shots

Butterfly World Project

The photos below, and sorry, there are a lot of them, are of the Butterfly World Project. I was amazed how close the butterflies got to you. Sometimes they landed on you, I nearly crushed one that landed on my hand as I was grabbing my camera (note I didn’t actually crush it, but it was on my hand and I hadn’t realised, but it flew off before I touched the camera). This was a great opportunity to use the macro lens. See below. There was also the grounds around the project, there were themed gardens, and lots of other interesting things to see.