Bristol Balloon Fiesta

This weekend was a Balloon Fiesta being held in Bristol. We went along on Friday. There was more to the event that hot air balloons, and we had planned to get there in time for the Red Arrows display, but thanks to bad signposting, we couldn’t find the parking. An hour was spend driving around Bristol trying to find the partking, and so we missed the Red Arrows completely. We could see a little from the car, but that was it. I was very annoyed with the organisers as one sign pointed us to the left, at a roundabout, then out of the corner of my eye as we headed left on that roundabout, I saw another sign pointing right. We went left, and started seeing yellow signs that only said ‘B’ on them. We assumed that meant Balloons, and followed that. Well guess what, it had nothing to do with Balloons. So we were sent miles out of the way. We eventually found somewhere to turn around (about 5 miles outside of Bristol heading for Taunton!), then headed back in, to see signs for all the parking except ours, so we ended up going the wrong way again. Eventually we did find this ‘Premium’ parking and did park close to the venue. But by then it was too late for the Red Arrows as it was now 5pm, when we planned to be at the venue by 3:30pm. We saw some parachutists, then we had an early evening meal, then went over to watch the balloons inflating. Even then there was too much wind, that they weren’t sure that they would even inflate. There were a couple of advertising balloons up. Eventually they decided that only the very experiences pilots would take their balloons up, as it was still a little strong on the wind side of things. Well, if what we saw was only a sample, then I am surprised. We saw probably 15-20 or more balloons go up. Here’s some of the pictures. I was still annoyed to miss the Red Arrows, but there’s always next year.