Cliveden – National Trust

A group of photographers that I have teamed up with decided to visit Cliveden, so this was my second visit in 2 months. Weather was good again, and the flowers were better than the last time, I guess they have had time to bloom. Had a great time. There’s some comments further down on some of the individual images. I decided today to try to use the 70-200mm F2.8L IS II zoom for most of the day. There were times when I wish I had the wide angle on the camera, but continued on. I have to say this is one for the most impressive lenses that Canon makes.

This girl was doing her acrobatics routines, she was very impressive.

Loving how this lens can separate the subject from the background and provide some fantastic bokeh.

This family made me laugh, I was using a buddy’s lens, just messing about, and saw the four different expressions on this family’s faces, and couldn’t resist to capture it.

“Shhhh, don’t tell cupid, but I’m up to no good.”  at least that is what I thought when I saw this.

Couldn’t resist a little bit of HDR on this.

Changed to the wide angle lens now. I had to perform a panorama for the prior image because the 70-200 was too close.

Again, I couldn’t resist an HDR for this, and I love the way the colours have come out.

Cliveden Gardens

Today we decided to go to Cliveden Gardens National Trust. The weather was reasonable, not sunny, but not raining either. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t much in the way of bloomage, and so I was pleased that we were members of the National Trust as I’d have been a little upset to pay £9 and not see the colours of the flowers I expected.

Downton Abbey/Grantham Hall

Another beautiful day in London, so we had to use our National Trust membership. It was decided to go to Basildon Park, which is where they recorded the 2013 Christmas Special of Downton Abbey. This house was used as Grantham House in London. It is actually located about an hour to the west of London, near Reading. What a house! As you will see below. I took quite a few pictures, and it was hard to narrow it down to a managable number, but here they are…























Basildon Park-153