Utah Gymnastics II – Red Rocks vs BYU

Another visit to the Red Rocks! This time against BYU. I tried the techniques I picked up from last time, like shutter faster than 1/350, Hi Speed Shutter, F/2.8, etc. This time I took nearly 2,200 pictures, and only about 10 were throw aways. Much better. I am only posting a small selection of the 2,200 pictures, thankfully, I hear you say.

Utah Gymnastics – Red Rocks vs Aggies (Utah State)

So, Fitz invited me to go see the Red Rocks against Utah State. It was my first time to try to photograph sports like this, and learned a lot. Firstly, RAW, and shutter speed less than 350 just doesn’t cut it. Next time I will do it differently. Also High Speed Shutter would have been a good idea. Well from this small sample of my photos you can get the general idea.