Flight Home

On the International Flight back, I was lucky enough to get a window seat. Of course you can’t use a digital camera during takeoff and landing, so I didn’t get any good shots there. But I thought these looked fairly interesting. But once I got home they weren’t as good as I first thought. The first pic is Greenland, not very green, covered in snow. The next two were over New York State.

Updated Blog site

I decided to take a look at a WordPress blog site. I much prefer this layout to the Blogspot ones. But I know it is a matter of personal taste. This template just looks classy to me.

I can still upload pictures and text directly from Adobe LightRoom 3 through a plugin. But still have not yet been able to get the LR3 Keywords to automatically load into the blog as WordPress tags. Oh well, I will just manually add them for now.

Hope you like the blog. I must make sure I upload pictures to it regularly.