Classic Boat Festival 2018 – St Katherine Docks

Went into London, by Tower Bridge, to photograph the Classic Boat Festival 2018 at St Katherine Docks.

The weather was a quite overcast in the morning, but after we had lunch it was really nice and sunny, so had to take a couple more pics to show the lovely blue sky with the boats.

The Queen’s Rowbarge, Gloriana was there. There were quite a few boats, even some from the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships that were used in the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in 1940.

Waterperry Gardens with the Northolt & District Photographic Society

Joined my local camera club (Northolt & District Photographic Society) for a little trip to Oxford to see the Waterperry Gardens. After 6 or more weeks of hot weather, some of the grass was brown, but the flowers were still out and looked great.

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Cornwall Holiday – Day 19 – St Agnes Beach, Stippy Stappy Houses, and Schooners in Falmouth

Definitely starting to wind down, we aren’t going to so many places each day. Soon be heading back to London. Anyway, today was St Agnes beach, and the Stippy Stappy houses in St Agnes. Then we noticed some Schooners have arrived in Falmouth.

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