Here’s my ugly mug. Yeah, I know I don’t have any hair! I cut it off on a regular basis. Since having kids, the hair seems to have gone south, permanently.

I was born in London, many many years ago.

I spend a lot of time with Photography these days. Whenever I can, I like to take all sorts of photography, from Landscape, Portrait, Action, Event, etc. Sometimes, I’ll just say to my daughter, let’s go for a walk and take some pictures of such and such place. Or, I’ll just head off for a drive, to get some specific type of pictures.

I used to use primarily Canon cameras (5D mark III, 60D) with lots of lenses (8-14mm F4L, 16-35mm F2.8L, 24-105mm F4L, 70-200mm F2.8L, 100mm F2.8L Macro, etc). However, I started to find all this professional equipment too heavy. Then just started taking one camera and one lens, depending on what I was shooting. Even that seemed to get too heavy, especially when on a 5 mile walk. So, decided to lighten the load. I sold all the Canon equipment and got a Sony RX1R II Full-Frame Mirrorless. I have never looked back. The only thing that was missing was zoom. So, I then got a Sony RX100 VI, which has the zoom of 24-200. This was the main zoom I was missing, and it had a 1 inch sensor. Not APS-C, nor full-frame, but still not a bad little camera. It seems to have the nickname of “pocket rocket”, they are not kidding, with 24 frames per second in burst mode. However, that wasn’t the end of it. I still needed more reach at times. So I’ve acquired the Sony HX90V as well, which has a 30 times zoom, the equivalent in full-frame terms as 24-720mm. In a compact. I’ve been impressed with this little fella. Nothing like the RX1R II, but it can do all the zooming I need, and more. So the RX1R and the HX90V are my duo camera setup that I use for most places.

If I am shooting an infrared shoot, then I do have a Canon EOS M3 that I’ve had converted into 590nm IR. That with a filter for 720nm covers me for all I want in IR.

I also have a Canon EOS M5, with the mirrorless lenses. Another great little camera, but not full-frame. This is APS-C sized frame. But a very good camera. Has the lenses for walkabouts. I have had this camera converted to Full Spectrum, which allows me to use it for normal photography and for Infrared. The reason for the RX1R though, is that I really wanted to keep a full-frame camera, that didn’t look like a huge professional rig. That it does nicely.

I also play piano, keyboards & synthesizers. Another of my pastimes are Martial Arts. I have been practicing since I was about 8 onwards. I have years of training in Taikwondo,  Judo, Shotokan, and Aikido.