Portugal 2 – West Tour

As you can see we hit the ground running. Day 1 of our trip was an Eastern Tour, day 2 was a Western Tour.

First stop Silves… Here there was a fort.

We then headed into the mountains of Monchique. Unfortunately we drove into cloud then it rained. Then…. Yes, it just poured down, cats and dogs as we would say. Couldn’t see anything. We ran into a little shop to sample some liquors, which warmed us up nicely. Then it was off to the lunch stop… A little mountain town of Foia.

Next, back down to sea level. Sagres is the next place. Basically the most south westerly point with a light house. We did go to the “End of the World” prior to this, but we didn’t get out of the bus for some reason. So here is Sagres.

Final stop was Lagos (interestingly this seems to be pronounsed “Lagosh”).

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