Portugal 1 – East Tour

A little trip to Portugal in January/February to get away from the snow forecast for the UK.

The tour started with the capital of the Algarve, Faro.

We noticed a lot of Storks everywhere.

Below are the views from the top of the Cathedral of Faro.

There was also a Chapel of the Bones in the Cathedral.

Next stop was at Olhao.

Here we saw hundreds of school children lining up by the sea front. We asked them what was happening, and they said that this was a day off from school, and they all got together to demonstrate against violence in schools. We joined them for a little while, so that the drone that was recording it saw us too.

We saw some fishermen repairing their nets, and working on their boats.

The next stop was the furthest point east by the boarder of Spain, called Villa De Santo Antonio.

We loved the Cow with the umbrella….

The next stop was at Casa Velha. This is a small village where there are only 6 inhabitants.

The last stop was at Tavira.

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