Cornwall Holiday – Day 8 – Looe, Polperro, Lerryn, Hidden Valley Gardens, Fowey

Weather vastly improved for most of the day, only clouding over in the late afternoon (around 4pm). So, today we visited Looe, Polperro, Lerryn, and the Hidden Valley Gardens near Fowey.

Looe: Good news, there was a charge point in the public carpark, so the car did a rapid charge of 45-60 minutes, while we walked around the town.

Polperro: Lovely fishing village. I could stay here quite some time taking it all in.

Lerryn: Supposed to be stepping stones across the river Fowey, but the tide was still too far in. But we could see the stones, but they didn’t come out in the image, so dropped it.

Hidden Valley Gardens (Near Fowey): I can see why they called it “Hidden”, man! trying to get to it, took us down lots of narrow country lanes. But once you got there, it is a nice little gem of a place.

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