Cornwall Holiday – Day 1 – Falmouth from Observatory Tower

We’re on holiday! Yay! Well, my wife and I are. The kids are back at home. That means we are kid free for once!

We decided to come to one of our favourite places, Falmouth in Cornwall. We are staying in the Observatory Tower. The first day we just took some pictures from the top of the tower, and then went into Falmouth for some supplies, and a couple of pics from the town. Here’s what we took. We just took it fairly easy today as we arrived the night before having driven here in the EV. Including charging and slow roads in places because of traffic, it took us 8 1/2 hours to get here. Only to discover we were given the wrong code to get the key from the lock box. So we had to go round to the owner as there was no answer on their mobile (only to find their home is in a dead spot for mobile coverage).

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