LAS Fitzrovia Walk

A walk organised by the London Appreciation Society, to walk around Fitzrovia in London.

The map below doesn’t show correctly the start of the route. We started outside the London Paladium, and walked northwards back up to Oxford Street, then we headed up Regents Street towards All Souls Langham Place church.

While we were outside the London Paladium, I had to take a couple of pictures.

We then headed back to Regents Street, and headed north. We stopped at the University of Westminster. Interestingly, the University of Westminster, isn’t always in Westminster. They seem to have campuses all around the greater city of London.

The images below are of the All Souls Church.

Behind the All Souls church was the BBC Broadcasting House. I didn’t realise that this was hiding there, so was very surprised when I saw it.

We then walked back around the church and down Riding House Street. Once we reached Great Portland Street, we turned right at the Velorution – noticing the bicycle coffee house.

We turned left at Margaret Street.

In Margaret Street, we came across another church. This was is the All Saints Church. Iconic brick-built High Victorian Gothic building with Church of England services and an organ dating from 1910.

We then turned left onto Wells Street, all the way back to Riding House Street. Then right onto Great Titchfield Street. Onto Foley Street. Here we see an hotel with a “different” flavour of colour to everything else. White!

At the junction of Foley Street and Great Titchfield Street, we can see that the local public conveniences (toilets to the uninformed) have been transformed into a Cafe. Hmmmm.

Continue along Foley Street to Hanson Street. Notice the Small House.

Still continue on Foley Street, and turn left onto Ogle Street. Here we come across another church, Saint Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic.

At the end of Ogle Street, turn Right. Now we start to see the British Telecom Tower – London.

Turn right onto Howland Street. Walk passed the University of Westminster (Engineering Department). Then turn left around the university onto Cleveland Street. Go passed the Tower Tavern, so called because of the BT Tower. Turn right at Maple Street.

Continue on Maple Street until you come to Fitzroy Square Garden.

Now exit the garden square and turn right onto Fitzroy Street. Continue down to Howland Street. At this junction, go across Howland Street, then look behind you at this Bug Building. Not sure what the purpose is, but it is rather different.

Now Fitzroy Street has now become Charlotte Street. Continue on down to Tottenham Street, and turn left onto Tottenham Street. On the right you should see Pollocks Toy Shop and Museum.

Finally, continue along Tottenham Street, until you come to Tottenham Court Road.

This is where the walk ended.


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