Lea Valley Walk – Part 2

Here we are again with the London Appreciation Society (LAS) with the next part of the Lea Valley Walk. This is part 2, but of course, in usual LAS fashion, because other members have done this walk before, we are doing it the wrong way.

Here’s the map of the route taken this time.

We started at Star Lane station, and made our way to the Cody Dock. Here we found some interesting things to see, from huge flowers, a playable piano, to a dry docked tug.


Then we joined the river, and came across a tower of Shopping Trolleys. “Eh?” I hear you say, yes, for some unknown reason there was a statue tower of shopping trolleys. We guessed that these trolleys were pulled out of the river.


Continuing on, we come to a lock.


At this point, we left the river for just a temporary moment, to visit a monument, at the Imperial Gas Light and Coke Company. The statue is of Sir Corbet Woodall, M.I.C.E. D.Sc Hon Col The Rangers. Governor, The Gas Light and Coke Company 1906 – 1916.


Back to the river, we see a view of London skyline in the background.


At this point, which you should be able to tell from the image above, we came down from the bridge, onto the middle bank. This path led back under the bridge, and onto the House Mill.


We popped into Three Mills Green & Lee Valley Park to see another monument, after seeing some interesting gates.


Back to the River Lea, and we walked passed H Forman & Son which is a Salmon company.


Finally, walk passed the Olympic Park at Stratford, and to Here East to have lunch. Although we did walk passed the Bryant and May Match company buildings that have now been converted into homes (no pictures of this).


After lunch, we walked through the Olympic Park & Village, however, the weather wasn’t so good, and one of our walkers had fallen and had been injured, so there wasn’t any chance to take other photos.

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