London LOOP – Gordon Hill to Cockfosters

Our final leg of the London LOOP walk. The path totals 154 miles. It has taken us 3 years to complete it, there are 18 sections, and we’ve been doing 1/2 a section each month. Now we can finally say that we’ve completed all of them. We have been doing the LOOP anticlockwise. Normally it is done clockwise, but the group we were with (London Apreciation Society) have did it 10 years ago the right way around, so this time they wanted to do it the other way for variety.

Below are some pictures of our final section, Gordon Hill to Cockfosters. There are some Infrared pictures, just because I like the difference it makes.

London LOOP – Turkey Street to Gordon Hill

The penultimate London Loop walk. This was one of the catch ups. We will do the final one in two weeks time. This one was from Turkey Street to Gordon Hill. Lovely country style walk. Not too many hills, and only about 100 yards on the road. Only took pics with the GoPro this time, as I was travelling light, but also, too lazy to get the better camera out of the bag. Mainly because the weather was just ok. Not nice and sunny, but not raining either.