Tower Lifeboat Station – RNLI

The London Appreciation Society had the chance to visit the RNLI Tower Lifeboat Station today. Lovely day, with blue skies, so an ideal day for it. This was very interesting, and good to know that they are completely supported by donations, not a single penny comes from the Government, a very worthy charity, that Saves Lives at Sea… and on the Thames.

Chiswick House – Chinese Lantern Festival

We went to Chiswick House last night, to see the Chinese Lantern Festival, there was only one day to go for this, so it was last night, or Sunday night. It has been running since Feb 4th, in honour of Chinese New Year. Interesting lanterns. Not what my wife expected, but I had seen these on the Chiswick House website, so I knew what to expect (to an extent), but I was still impressed.

There are quite a few images in this collection (50 to be exact), so please forgive me, I didn’t want to remove so many good images to bring it down to a small number.