London Loop – Hayes & Harlington to Hatton Cross

Next part of the London Loop. We jumped a few sections because the Metropolitan Line is out around Uxbridge so it was decided to do a different section so as not to have difficulty getting to and from it. Anyway this stretch is Hayes & Harlington to Hatton Cross. Not many photos from the first part, even though it was a nice day, the sky is very wishy-washy, as you’ll see in the other photos. But there was some interesting areas around Cranford Park, and the River Crane. There are also a couple of the planes coming into Heathrow Airport. And finally the Green Man Pub in Hatton Cross which dates back to the 1500s. Lovely pub, good food, worth a visit, if you happen to be in that area.

Avebury Stone Circle

On the way to Somerset we stopped off at Avebury, and saw their stone circle. This is older than Stone Henge! If I remember correctly, it was built around 4600 years ago. No one knows why it was constructed, but there are many theories. It is also fairly close to Stone Henge. Here are my pics.

Day Trip to Bournemouth

Out for the day, thanks to SouthWest Railways as they were offering cheap tickets, so some of the family went off to Bournemouth for the day. The weather threatened to rain on us a few times, but remained dry. Most of the time it was sunny, but as you’ll see, there were definitely some clouds around. We walked from the station, to the town centre, and then took in the beach and gardens. Below are some of the pictures taken. Hope you enjoy. We did…