London Loop – Hatch End to Moor Park

Another London LOOP walk with the London Appreciation Society. This time we met up at Hatch End where we left off last month, and walked to Moor Park. Well, actually it was to “Ye Olde Greene Manne” pub. By the end of it I think some of us were crawling to the pub. But what a gorgeous day! Definately the sun had got his hat on today. Some images are of course below. I still find it incredible that you are still walking around the London area, but you see fields, forrest/woods, muddy lanes (I have to put a “LOL” in here). Some paths were very overgrown, added to that, some of us were wearing shorts (yes, England short weather!), it was just as well that someone thought to bring some cutters so that we could cut through the brambles and stinging nettles. I realised when we came out at the end by the pub, that I was only about 2 miles or so from where I work in Rickmansworth. This time I remembered to turn on the GPS unit, so you have location information on the images. Next section in another month.