Isle of Wight

Just a long weekend trip to the South of England. This was a day trip to the Isle of Wight. Lovely island, but I was surprised at how big it really is, 148 sq miles. By bus it took us three hours to get from one side of the island to the other. Weather was great, even though it wasn’t supposed to be. We went over by hovercraft, and then used the bus to get around the island. We made a beeline to the Needles, but then only had time to get on the coastal bus around the island. Photos through the window of the bus didn’t fair so well, so most of those have been binned. But this is definitely worth another visit, and hopefully taking longer to see more of it.

Roof Garden, John Lewis, Oxford Street London

After the buses, we headed to John Lewis, as they have a roof garden open to the public on a trial basis. We were in the area, so had to do it. The views weren’t spectacular, but was worth a visit. They have a coffee shop on the roof as well. It will be interesting to see if they make this a permanent feature.

Year of the Bus – Bus Cavalcade – Regents Street

All the cliches come to mind, like “Hold tight please”, and “Move down the bus”. When you want a bus, they are nowhere to be found, but today, go to Regents Street in London, and they are everywhere, but with a difference. They aren’t going anywhere. Yes, some you can climb into the cab, some as a passenger, top deck, bottom deck. Standing, Seating. The Year of the Bus has come to Regents Street. Buses that were horse drawn, from the early 1800’s right up to today’s Boris Bus.

The colourful yellow bus below was used in 1829, and was horse drawn. Although that would be pretty obvious from the looks of it. This bus was right by the exit from Piccadilly Circus underground station. The buses proceeded from this point getting steadily younger.

The bus below, or ones like it were used during the 1st World War to transport troops to the front line. That means that this bus is over a hundred years old. This was also London’s first mass produced motorbus.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of these kids, typical street urchins, as we would have called them. Grubby, and playing in the street with their toy bus. That bus has seen better days, but they were in the right place to play busses. I am sure if they asked for 10p for each person to take their photos they would have come away with quite a nice amount of money.

I saw these guys lying on a sofa bed, and thought to myself, yeah. I bet you’ve been waiting a long time for the next bus… Did you just miss it by some chance. Close by there was some foam where you could make you own comfortable seat for when you are waiting for the bus. Don’t tell them, but there’s a bus behind them.

Have you ever played with Legos? Silly question I know. They have been around for ever, and what do you know, right outside one of the biggest toy shops in the world, they have build a lego bus shelter. If for nothing else, the trip to take some pictures is now complete seeing this. This is what I mainly came for. But man! it was crowded. There was more people wanting to photograph or inspect the lego bus shelter than there was wanting to get onto the oldest bus. Even the map (three images down) was made of lego.

London Loop – Hatch End to Moor Park

Another London LOOP walk with the London Appreciation Society. This time we met up at Hatch End where we left off last month, and walked to Moor Park. Well, actually it was to “Ye Olde Greene Manne” pub. By the end of it I think some of us were crawling to the pub. But what a gorgeous day! Definately the sun had got his hat on today. Some images are of course below. I still find it incredible that you are still walking around the London area, but you see fields, forrest/woods, muddy lanes (I have to put a “LOL” in here). Some paths were very overgrown, added to that, some of us were wearing shorts (yes, England short weather!), it was just as well that someone thought to bring some cutters so that we could cut through the brambles and stinging nettles. I realised when we came out at the end by the pub, that I was only about 2 miles or so from where I work in Rickmansworth. This time I remembered to turn on the GPS unit, so you have location information on the images. Next section in another month.