Light Painting 2014

This evening, even though there was a terrific thunder storm late in the afternoon, we planned to go light painting in Windsor. We decided to go anyway, and I am pleased we did. Below is what we managed to do, and I am pleased to say, the only editing done on these is crop. There has been no other editing in Photoshop. So long exposures, and some creative thinking, and planning to pull off some of these.














Trans-Siberian Orchestra

This is the fourth time we have seen this band… Yes a band with the name Orchestra in it. They are heavy metal rock, but with a difference. We normally go to see their Christmas Show, and it has always been spectacular. We liked on the West of the USA, so we got the West Group. Now we are in the UK, we believe this part if the East Group. TSO is made up of 2 bands, so that they can cover the East and West of the United States simultaneously. They put on a fantastic show. We were expecting to see the Christmas show again, being in January, but this seemed more their NightCastle, and Beethoven’s Last Night basis. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more of their Christmas songs, but it was still a good show. Some friends came and saw it too. Here are a selection of the shots I took, from the 2nd row. Hope you like them.