Dunstable Downs – Kite Festival

Off to Dunstable, it is always windy at the Downs. There is also always people flying kites, but today was the official weekend of the Kite Festival. So had to go along with the long lens and capture what I could. Here’s a selection of photos from the event.



























West Wycombe St Lawrence’s Church

Last part of the West Wycombe visit is the St Lawrence’s Church. We drove up a very narrow road to get to it, then when we got to the church we decided to walk up the bellfry. Man that was high! Plus it was very narrow, at one point I got stuck, but I did make it to the top, and got some pictures from the top. Great views from the top of the church.







West Wycombe Hellfire Caves

Part of West Wycombe is underground in caves. It was nice and cold down in them. A nice releif from the heat. As expected lighting wasn’t very good there, but I did what I could with the conditions available. Some I had to switch to black and white as the colours were not very good. Now reading the various posters around the caves, there’s a reason they are called Hellfire, they are directly under the the church, but the shenanigans that went on in there, can only be suggested.











West Wycombe Park

West Wycombe Park. A National Trust place, fortunately we are now members of the National Trust, and so we can get in free. It was very nice walking around the area, and seeing the views here. The house was open too, but photography wasn’t allowed inside, so soory, you won’t see what I saw there.













Wisley Gardens RHS

More heat continues in the UK. Everywhere is starting to dry out, and burn up. Wild fires exist, and there’s no sight of it cooling down. So we had a visitors’ evening at our summer home… All right. I lied. Wisley Gardens remained open late to the public to show off their scarecrow exhibit. So of course we went along and had a look. First off in the car park there was an old Routemaster bus! Had to get some photos of that. Then as you can see below there are various Scarecrows, flowers, and some very nice houses. You’ll even spot some photographers if you look really hard in one photo. Spot the Panoramas, yes, there are a few. In some places it was getting very dark, and to talk technical to some other photogs out there, the camera went to ISO 25600 – Ouch, but I was surprised, even though there was grain, I still feel the pix were usable. See if you can spot Mary Poppins.



























Harefield/Grand Union Canal

Today in the heat we went out to Harefield, as we saw a pub called The Coy Carp, and the canal by the side, with an area for canoeists. So we thought we’d take a look with the ol’ camera. Well below is what we saw. The hot day seemed to bring out all the boaters on the Narrow Boats on the canal, and plenty of people walking around.






























Kings Cross

One of my company’s offices are in Kings Cross, in fact it can be seen on the right of the first picture, on the left of the second. Mainly the Art College has a painting of connecting the buildings, so I just took a quick pano to capture it. Also is the Underground’s 150 memorial – The Metropolitan Line is 150 years old this year (2013).



Windsor & Runnymede

Took a little trip to Windsor and Runnymede. It started with a few from a pub garden, which I thought was a lovely pub garden. A short boat trip took gave us a peek at some artistry under a bridge, and an excellent view of Windsor Castle. There is also a Hurricane on a plinth to commemorate the aircraft designer that was from Windsor. Next up was a memorial that was placed there by the American Law Bar close to the place where the Magna Carta was signed in England.