Today I took the day off work, and my wife and I made a little trip down to Winchester. When my wife suggested this place I kept singing Winchester Cathedral, couldn’t get it out of my head. So, here’s the photos from there. Yes, we did get to the Cathedral, didn’t go inside as the cost was £7.50 per person, and we thought it was a bit steep. There was plenty to see, and a day trip was enough for us to see all we wanted to in the city. There are places around Winchester that I’d like to go to, but that will be another day. The knight in shining armour is King Alfred the Great, even though the Round Table from King Arthur is also kept here (that has a picture or two as well).



The following pictures are from the City Mill. This is a working mill, well, there are moving parts, it isn’t used as a mill any more, but you can go down to the workings and see the water pushing the wheel around, and on the main level you can see the mail post rotating. A nice little garden that is very well kept runs next to the stream.





Next up, is King Alfred the Great.





Winchester Cathedral, it is a Grade I listed building.








Winchester City Centre buildings.


Westgate, and King Arthurs’ Round Table.




Winchester Round Table








Westgate : The Westgate is one of two surviving fortified gateways in Winchester, England (the other is Kingsgate).

Cottered Japanese Garden and Surround

There is one day a year when the Cottered Japanese Garden is open for the public. Today was that day. We found out about it thanks to the Gardeners’ World BBC TV Show. They mentioned it in the week, so we decided to go take a look. Wow! What an excellent Japanese Garden. Everything I’d expect to see was there. This is close to Luton, and well worth the trip to see.












Butterfly World Project

The photos below, and sorry, there are a lot of them, are of the Butterfly World Project. I was amazed how close the butterflies got to you. Sometimes they landed on you, I nearly crushed one that landed on my hand as I was grabbing my camera (note I didn’t actually crush it, but it was on my hand and I hadn’t realised, but it flew off before I touched the camera). This was a great opportunity to use the macro lens. See below. There was also the grounds around the project, there were themed gardens, and lots of other interesting things to see.










































Crane River Walk – Part 3

Last part of the Crane River Walk today. About another 6 miles. Almost all of it was in country side within London. We still didn’t get to the Thames, but we will probably do that ourselves. The guided walk doesn’t get there via the Crane River, they will do another walk that takes the spur from the Crane called the Duck of Northumberland River Walk, so we will definitely do that one, which will get us to the Thames at Twickenham. That will be another post when they arrange that. Or if we take it from where this one left off to the Thames, we will post that separately too – I guess that will be part 4.













Virginia Waters – Chalfont Snappers

Went with the Chalfont Snappers to Virginia Waters again. I meant to get to the Roman Ruins there, but I didn’t get chance. Next time. This time is was the waterfall again. I didn’t take my usual lens, I decided to take the 70-200mm zoom and the 8-15mm fisheye zoom. I kind of like the results.









Walking the Chess Valley – Part 1

My wife and I decided to walk the Chess Valley, and to do part one of it this Sunday. We walked about 5 miles or so of this walk, and will do the other 5 miles another time. The weather was nice, not hot, but would have been nice to have had less cloud in the sky (where else would you want cloud?). Here’s some of the best of the best of my photos from the walk.











Light Painting with the Reading – Explorers of Light

Went off the the Meetup Group the Explorers of Light in Reading, for an evening, correction, night of light painting. I only took along my LED Lenser V24. Here’s what we came up with.