walking the Crane River – Part 2

This is London! No, seriously, this is London. This is a continuation of the Crane River walk, where were did part one a month or so ago, we actually missed part two as we arrived too late. So this weekend, as it was nice weather we decided we would try to follow paper maps, sign posts, Ordinance Survey maps on my iPad overlaid with our GPS position, and see if we can get to the Cranford Park which was the end of the part two section starting at Hillingdon. We made a couple of errors on the route, but mainly we managed to keep the Crane River (actually at the moment Yeading Brook still), fairly close by. Here are some of the pictures taken. For my American friends, there’s one picture you might wonder what it is, it looks like a wood trellis well actually it is known as a stile that allows the public to enter a piece of land over a fence, without the worry of animals getting out of a field.
We ended up walking 10 miles that day, I ached after it. Exercise isn’t good for you, I don’t care what the doctors say. LOL.