Light Painting with the Chalfont Snappers

On Saturday evening you would have found me in Windsor, in the shadow of the Queen’s Windsor Castle. We found some arches under a railway that gave us the perfect location for some light painting, except for the light pollution from the car park. If it wasn’t for the car park lights, I think we would have had better light. This was the first Light Painting session I have run, but it went well. Some of the pictures weren’t as good as hoped. We had some issues with one of the orb tools, it kept cutting out (I am going to have to check the cabling for that one), but the others held out. This was the first time for some to LP, and I think everyone had a good time. There are some take-aways for me, to see what I can do with the LED Lenser V24. It’s the first time I have played with it, and like what it can do, although it seems that though it needs a very dark environment. With the car park lights the V24 seemed to lose its punch a bit. It was also raining most of the time. The weather didn’t spoil the fun. We were visited by the “boys in blue” three times. Not sure we can use that phrase any more, especially as one car had two policewomen in it. We were asked what were we doing, but once we explained things, everything seemed fine. I have learnt that you don’t need much wire wool when spinning it. The first one, I used too much, and the picture was very over exposed. So, you didn’t get to see that picture, as it was too over exposed. I will be back to that location in Windsor, as I also saw a Spitfire (it might have been a Hurricane) fighter plane, and the view from the river with the castle at night was really nice. On a clear night this would make some good photography. I’ll be backā€¦











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