Christmas Decorations

So today I had the desire to get the macro lens out, and take some close-up shots of some of the decorations on our Christmas Tree. Once really close up, you don’t really recognise what the subject is (first photo). But once moved out a little (2nd photo), you start to realise what it is. Further our (photo 3-5) it is easy. I was surprised that with a macro lens how shallow the depth of field really is. Even at F/8.0 there isn’t a lot of area in focus. It shows why when taking pictures of spiders, or other small insects that only part is in focus. The aperture needs to be closed down for macro in order to be able to focus on more of the subject. Of course that can mean slower shutter speeds. One of these was down to about 1.5 seconds (Last photo I believe).





London Night Lights

Final post in this group. We continued onto to Parliament Hill, and over the Westminster Bridge, as can be seen with the first picture of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Once over the bridge, we headed to the London Eye. Finally we continued onto the Millenium Bridge and the view back over the river to St Pauls Cathedral. Then it was back to the tube to go home. The entire trip took 9 hours…. We were all exhausted at the end of it. But it was well worth it.








London Christmas Lights

After going to Hyde Park and seeing the Winter Wonderland, we continued on walking around. We covered Oxford Street Lights, and the shoppers, Regents Street, and onto Piccadilly Circus. Light challenges all the way. At this point it was high ISO with the nice Canon 5D Mark III. It performed extremely well if you ask me. Later on, in the next post, are a couple of long exposures with low ISO. I also noticed that people didn’t really seem to care that they might be captured with a camera. I wonder with the type of camera I use, they just figure I am there for a reason. But of course it was night, and they were trying to do their Christmas Shopping. If I was there to shop the last thing I’d be worried about is a guy with a camera.


The picture below is where Oxford Street and Regent’s Street cross.


The next couple are Oxford Street…




Next up Piccadilly Circus…. Very famous landmark, and very much photoed.


London’s Winter Wonderland

So last night (Saturday night) we did a trek into London. In Hyde Park they have set up a Winter Wonderland. Below are some pictures I took while we were there. Now, of course this is only just over a week before Christmas. There were thousands of people there. Incredible the amount of people and no problems that I know of were encountered. The queues to get in were really long. Even longer when we left.