Great Yarmouth

As part of our Norwich trip, we decided to head out to Great Yarmouth on the way home, well, actually it was in the opposite direction, but not by far. Typical English sea-side town. The weather held off for us, and was mostly sunny while we were there, but as soon as we left, it started to rain. Nicely timed.



This picture below, is another of my hand-held seven picture panoramas.






Norwich 4 – Plantation Gardens/Dragon Hall/Castle

The final post for Norwich. This one includes the Plantation Gardens which were right next to the hotel we were staying in. Then the Dragon Hall, and finally the Norwich Castle.

Plantation Gardens:







Next up – the Dragon Hall



Finally, Norwich Castle.


The picture below is a panorama of 8 photos stitched together.



Norwich 3 – History of the City Walk

We went on one of those walks that you have a guide who will tell you all about the history of the City. Well, as you probably guessed, I didn’t pay too much attention to what was being said. I was just there to take pictures. At least this way you get to see areas of the city that you wouldn’t normally go to. I love the little shop streets, with the cobble alleyways. The walk started from the Forum, and the church opposite, then of course the walk led us all the way back to the Cathedral. The number of times we have walked around this city, I am not going to mention. But by the end of the day, my feet were killing me.

Inside the Forum is a huge library, along with the BBC studios/offices/etc. It is an interesting city. Lots to see in a very small area.





















The lsat photo on this section is a view from higher ground, where we took a tour bus up to the this area, actually there is the prison up here… LOL, anyway, I am sure on a clear day this would have been a better picture, but just as I was taking this, the heavens opened, and more rain came down.

Norwich 2 – Norwich Cathedral

Part of the trip, we took a walk to the cathedral, and looked around. They were just preparing for a graduation ceremony from the local university, so we had to be quick.

What I thought was amusing, was it was really cold and wet that day, and the first thing we saw was the truck used for the South Pole Expedition. So, were they there because it was so cold, or did they bring the cold with them? If you look closely you’ll notice the wedding bands on the car. I don’t know if that means the wedding couple were going to spend their honeymoon at the South Pole, but I can think of many places I’d prefer to go…


The next photos were of the inside of the Cathedral. The weather picked up a bit just as we came out into the outside areas, but it wasn’t to stay nice.










Norwich 1 – Night time walk

My wife and I took a little trip to Norwich for her birthday. No, I am not going to announce which birthday. I’d be in the dog house for sure. Anyway, as I said we went to Norwich. This series of pictures are the first night we arrived. We took a walk to find food, and take some night time pictures. These are of the Castle, Royal Archade, a Church, and the Roman Catholic Cathedral. Along with a shot of a fancy shop called Jarrods.