Website back to normal – all pictures now reloaded

After saying that I had noticed that since changing the way the blog was managed, that all the pictures prior to the move were missing, I have not managed to spend some time this evening and get the pictures reloaded. So, now the¬†Web site is back to normal. I have also uploaded a few pictures in the Light Painting page at the top…

I was looking forward to next weekend when the London Photographic was going to do some light painting in London. But unfortunately they have had to postpone that session, so now I have to wait until October before we get the chance again. Still, it should be fun, even though by then it will be bitterly cold.


OK. Here’s an apology. I haven’t posted for a little while. There’s been several reasons. One is the new job has been taking a lot of my time. Along with that and the new house…. But I have been researching some Photo Clubs. There is one that is about a mile and a half away from me, but they seem to do too many competitions for my liking. There is another based out of Central London, which is doing some London Light Painting in about 10 days time. I am going to go along, and quite possibly will end up being part of the club’s organising team. So, you should expect within two weeks that there will be a post with the London Light Painting.

Now, there’s a couple of other things on my blog I have been trying to fathom out. 1 – why all of my older posts (over 6 months old) have lost their pictures. I have worked this one out. I changed my site location and deleted the old site,¬†because some links were still pointing to the old site for images, they all disappeared. So, I will be spending some time rebuilding those posts over the next few weeks. 2 – I have been bothered that the images I post, aren’t appearing as I expected them on the main post, I have worked out the offending CSS code that has been causing this, and now I am happy with how the images appear in the blog.

All being well, we should be back to posting to this blog very soon. Sorry if anyone has been eagerly waiting more of my London pictures, but they’ll be here soon…

Thanks for being patient