Nature Walk, Mill Hill, London

Went round the back of my Parents-in-law’s house where there is an abandoned railway track, beside which there is a walk that is opened on the last Sunday of the month. So that would be today, and we went for a walk down there with the 70-200mm zoom, and took some pictures of the nature around the area.

Olympic Venues, Wembley Stadium – London 2012

Well we weren’t going to go out today, on the day of the Opening Ceremonies but we decided to go to Wembley Stadium and see what it looked like. I haven’t been here since the early 1990’s, and it has changed a lot since then. It is a lot easlier to get around.

Wembley is also where a lot of football (soccer) games are played. I used to come here for concerts. Band Aid was held here, and all the bands want to play Wembley. A sense of achievement when they do. So, here is the stadium, and I also saw a group of Olympic Volunteers wanting to get a photo of themselves.

Olympic Venues – London 2012

After seeing the Torch, we had to continue the day with some other venues around the 2012 London Olympics.

We start off with the home of the London Olympics in Stratford. A lot of areas were closed off from the public, so we weren’t able to get the shots we wanted, but we were able to get some of the local area, starting with the Tube Station.







The next stop was to Tower Bridge, to see the Olympic Rings. At the same time we saw some Olympic symbols in the City Hall Building so got a shot of that too.


Over to Trafalgar Square for the Count-down clock. There was a Torch there that people could use to model with for photographs, but it wasn’t lit. Boring! Just Kidding. Anyway, I think it is a good way for everyone to get into the spirit of things, but of course, you’d need to pay in order to do so. Didn’t ask how much, I’d rather be on the back end of a camera. I did like that on one side was the countdown to the Olympics, and the other side had the countdown to the Para-Olympics. Position yourself correctly and you can get the clock and Nelson’s Column (monument) in the same picture.


This was also in Trafalgar Square. There is one plinth that is changed on a monthly basis and this one had a child on a rocking horse. Other times, I have seen a Ship in a Glass Bottle, People Standing and touting something or other that is important to them, and all sorts of other things.

I just saw the flowers over the Silver Cross pub, and thought how fitting, even though it wasn’t really Olympic, but this is placed just off of Trafalgar Square.

This final set of pictures, was taken by my wife. I just couldn’t make it to the Flying Angels in a local park. So, instead of my Canon 5D Mark 3 doing the work, it is just a little Canon P&S camera. So, she wasn’t able to up the ISO (she doesn’t know these things) and get better night shots, but some came out OK, and continued the story of the Olympics, so worth including.




Hope you enjoy the Olympics. I for one will be staying away from the venue areas as much as possible. There have been plenty of public announcements on the transportation systems that things will be very busy and to only travel in the area if you have to, so hopefully I won’t have to, and can see things from the comfort of my own home. We don’t have any plans on going to any events, although would like to, but by the time we got to London, most of the events have been sold out or prices prohibitive. I do know there are some Para-Olympic events available, we will have to see if we get out to any of those. Anyone who can compete at that level and being able to overcome those sort of challenges really have my utmost respect.

Olympic Torch Relay – London 2012

Today the Olympic Torch made it’s way through areas of North London. We managed to see it in two places, Harrow and Kingsbury. Initially I didn’t think we had managed to capture anything useable as it was all too quick when the torch passed by. Not to mention the crowds… Did I just saw crowds? When we arrived at the Harrow point, we were early enough to get to the front, but then people just barged in front of us. I kind of wish I had positioned myself at the intersection in the road, and stayed there. Instead first some kids got in front, then adults too. Grrrr… Anyway, the atmosphere was good, and jovial. The Police were also very relaxed, or appeared to be. One got off his motorbike (first and second pictures) and told people to move over the line painted in the road, which they did, until he passed them, then they got back into the road again. When he came back, he said “somewhere around here I have left my bike, has anyone seen it?”.

So, let’s get on with it… Here’s Harrow.

The second place, Kingsbury, we were still about 25 minutes early, but there were already crowds, about 5 deep, all along the route. I ended up just raiding the camera above my head, and just pointing it and hoping for the best. If I had thought about it, I’d have used Live-View, but didn’t. So, here’s Kingsbury…

The next post will still be Olympics related, but more some of the different Olympic signs and venues. Stay Tuned.

Mill Hill Village (continued)

More in the Mill Hill Village… Well, today we went back to the village and found more of it. My father-in-law said there was a different pond and village main street. This is one of the most quiet main streets I have ever seen.

Yes, we are still in London. But look at that blue sky!!! 85ºF today. Hot and humid, but not a cloud in the sky.

We found this sign of Mill Hill Village, and had to get a picture. It is old and rusty. Perhaps I should have HDR’d it to bring out the rust. But decided I liked it the way it was.

The sign was right on the village green, and behind it was the village church. It appears that the residents in Mill Hill used to have to walk for 90 minutes one way to get to the nearest church in Brent, but the local Vicar wouldn’t allow the Mill Hill residents to have their own church for a long time, and made them walk 90 minutes to his church, then have an hour service, and walk back the 90 minutes. This was done 3 times a week. It was all to do with control… Eventually of course, the little village of Mill Hill was allowed to have their own church. I can’t imaging having to take 4 hours out of my day, 3 times a week just to go to church. But that is what it was like in the 1600s.

I love the reflections in the pond, and yes there was some ducks. I only photographed one that was close to me, but there were several there. I just couldn’t decide on which of the reflection pictures I liked most, so you get them all. I still find it hard to believe that London is made up from little villages all over, but it is true. Of course Central London is a bit different, but the City of London is really just a square mile. The rest of London is made up of villages just like this one.






I normally hate taking pictures of telephone cables, but the lines in this one just got my attention, and thought it made for an interesting photograph with leading lines. One of these cottages is up for sale. If the kids had all left home, I could just see my wife and I living in a little place like this.

Gotta have a phone box in the village, but I didn’t see an old fashioned post box. What’s more, being in a little village, the phone box is not vandalised. I didn’t check to see if it still worked, but I’d put money on it that it would work.

The Rosebank Barn had a lot of character to the cottage, and the front door was lovely, unfortunately, you just can’t see that front door from the picture. The barn was used as a Quaker Meeting House from 1678 to 1719. So much history around here.