66 & Main Gig

I had the opportunity to photograph a local band, 66 & Main (66 & main website) at the Top Shelf in Ogden on Friday night. Some of you will recognize the name, as I used to play keyboards in that band. Jeff Jensen (Jeff Jensen Photography), and Doug Sims (Simspix) came along too… It was fun! With three photographers all dressed in blank circling the band for a couple of sets, seemed like the Paparazzii were there.

The below are just a selection of the ones I really like.



















Canyon Tour – Zion National Park – Utah

Finally, Zion NP. We didn’t hike into the park, it was just a case of driving through, and stopping every so often to take photos.

Canyon Tour – Grand Canyon South Rim – Arizona

Now we come to the Grand Canyon. There are some panoramic photos on another post. These are normal pictures…

Canyon Tour – Antelope Slot Canyons – Page, Arizona

Here we go! I have always wanted to see the Slot Canyons. Well this trip we made sure we got to them. Well worth seeing, even though it does cost some money. They are run by the Navajo Tribe, the guides are good too. At one point he told me to drop my tripod legs and he would clear the people so I can get a clear shot. What a nice guy. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the 11:30am tour. This one would have shown the light beams but at the 1:30pm tour, the light had moved. But even so, they are spectacular. Well worth seeing at any time.

Canyon Tour – Horseshoe Bend – Page, Arizona

Here’s some pics of the Horseshoe Bend in Page… It got a bit scary to take the pictures. The wind was blowing hard, and you kind of had to wait for the wind to die down before getting close to the edge to take the picture…