Canyon Tour – Bryce Canyon/Glen Canyon Dam

We took a trip to see some of the Canyons close by to where we live. This day we saw Bryce Canyon. The red/orange rocks here are very unique, and have taken millenia to be shaped the way they have been with snow and ice melting on the rocks, for over 250 days a year.

Flight Home

On the International Flight back, I was lucky enough to get a window seat. Of course you can’t use a digital camera during takeoff and landing, so I didn’t get any good shots there. But I thought these looked fairly interesting. But once I got home they weren’t as good as I first thought. The first pic is Greenland, not very green, covered in snow. The next two were over New York State.

Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

We went for a little trip to Glastonbury. This is where the Glastonbury Music feastival is held each year. Home of the Tor (see history of King Arthur for more details), and the Challace Well, along with a lovely town to wander around. I have included the GPS settings for this one, if they are available (I didn’t always remember to turn on the GPS on the camera). All photos were taken with a point and shoot, but it can do RAW.

Old Station

Took some pictures of one of the stations that the Steam Train goes through on the Great Western Railway. We just missed the train by about 3 minutes. The next one was about 2 hours later, so we didn’t wait. Just as well in wasn’t on it’s way, I was standing on the tracks. Post processing through HDR. Like the effect.
This is in Somerset, England.

Pano of the Homestead

So we went for a little walk to the top of the homestead, and took this handheld panoramic. Then in post, I put it through HDR processing. I am pleased with the results. There is one little area that isn’t perfect, but that’s the only one I can see (if you look at the left hand side, you’ll see a fence and house that is broken). In the distance you can see the Exmoor Hills, and Minehead. The Bristol Channel is the water, and on a clear day you can see Cardiff in Wales.